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~ + ~ Slash Plotbunnies For Adoption ~ + ~

14 Bunnies Available

  1. Yohimbe -- A H/C bunny put up for adoption by Gem and JayEm

    We were discussing what might happen if Daniel was given the herb Yohimbe. This is a very potent herb with equally potent side effects; click the link to learn more. We came up with two scenerios of how he may have come to consume the herb:

    a) "Deliberately given as some cruel joke, some Marine goomba" - JayEm.
    b) "Possibly he's worrying that he may not be 'exciting' enough for Jack...maybe Jack's eyes have been wandering (ie. Season 4)...and someone is trying to be helpful." - Gem.

  2. New Ground - Placed for adoption by Michelle.

    we got onscreen Danny torture getting repeatedly zapped with the electrified stick. Then they separated him from the others and zapped him some more onscreen. When they brought him back and put him back in his cage Sam asked him if he was okay and he wouldn't answer. He looked a little broken. So what happened while he was separated that we didn't see? And what were the consequenses of the torture for him when he got home? Would like to see it be a Daniel and Jack moment.

  3. The Devil You Know - also from Michelle

    I thought it was very interesting that when the team was given the blood of Sokar Charlie appeared to Jack, Jacob appeared to Sam, they used Jolinar against Martouf but for Daniel it wasn't Shau'ri. It was Jack. Jack hadn't believed Daniel about the events of Forever in a Day but in the "hallucination" or whatever it was it was Jack going to Daniel telling him he believed him and trying to get the location of the harcisis. And what exactly was going through Jack's head during the time Daniel was gone to be "questioned" especially after Martouf asked what Apophis would want from Daniel.

  4. Absolute Power - from Michelle

    The missing scene of finding Daniel unconscious or seeing him get that way through the security camera and Jack's thoughts during when Daniel was in the infirmary and wouldn't wake up. And then the tag scene with Daniel's explanation about the dream.

  5. BunnyBoy (appropriate, no?) - from Gem (and JayEm)

    Okay, I made this picture as a joke, but Jay decided she wanted a jammie fic for it...never mind my overabundance of plotbunnies already taking over. SOMEONE SAVE ME!! ;)

  6. A Tale of Two Daniels - from Rhian

    OK, this is *another* AU story..........An AU Daniel arrives at another AU SGC, his world destroyed somehow. He is (of course!) his usual endearing self and everyone immediately takes to him - especially Jack.

    • Daniel eventually meets his other self on this world who turns out to be an arrogant, superior, pain in the ass. "Nice" Daniel and Jack get "friendly" < g > but when together Daniel is hit by the first cascade tremor.
    • A mission of some kind comes up and for some reason both Daniel's have to go with SG-1. It goes terribly wrong and both are seriously injured.
    • Back at the SGC they battle to save their lives but things are not looking good for "pain-in-the-ass" Daniel, the more seriously injured of the two. However, "nice" Daniel is being hit hard by the cascade tremors and, even though he's not as badly wounded, the tremors push him to the brink of death.
    • Jack guiltily finds himself wanting "nice" Daniel to live *just* as the "pain-in-the-ass" Daniel flatlines........

    Happy endings please, although 1 Daniel is dispensible!!!

  7. ITLOD Slash AU - from Sanna

    Daniel is the one to become host to Jolinar of Malkshur. How does the team handle this? What are the short-term consequences? What are the long term consequences (ie, Martouf)?

  8. Picture This - from Gem

    Write a story based on this picture.

  9. Trial and Error - from Gem

    Another picture challenge. Write a story based on this collage.

  10. Meridian Denialfic - from Deborah Louise Gough

    This is an idea I've been toying around with for a while (I even wrote seven pages) and gave up on when a gen plot bunny turned itself loose. Basically, it's a slash denial fic: just before Meridian, Daniel and Jack have some fight that involves Jack asking Daniel for his house-key back, to spite him. Because of this, SG-1 begin to malfunction as a team because of the terse relationship, and when they go off to Colona (the planet on Meridian) Jack and Daniel are forced to share a room the night before Daniel goes off with Jonas to see the nuclear thing. They make up- or don't, you decide- and then Meridian goes on as normal- Daniel is exposed to the radiation, yadda- now, up to the point where Hammond and O'Neill are talking about the sarcophagus, you could change it, so that Hammond, or O'Neill is willing to take that risk and they somehow procure one. But wait: in my plot bunny, things still deterioate down to the point where Daniel is asking Jack to let him die (maybe a problem with the sarcophagi?) but in this version, Jack realises he can't physically lose Daniel, and lies to Daniel, to save his life. When whatever was wrong with the sarcophagus is repaired, they save Daniel's life, he wakes up, and is furiosu with Jack for lying, and asks to resign. Hammond gives him some time off instead, so Daniel swans off to another American state to escape the SGC, and meets up with an old violent flame. Jack has to find Daniel when something goes wrong at the SGC, and only Daniel can help, and the two make it up. (I've been thinking about that one waaaaaaay too much *grin*)

    If anyone takes up the challenge and wants whatever I've written so far, or whatever, please email me at, and I'll gladly give it to you. Good luck!

  11. "Alternate Meridian" from blindwolf

    I have a plot bunny if anyone's interested....can be Gen or Slash, but prefer slash slant with no relationship in the beginning.

    Daniel has been upset about his seemingly-failed friendship with Jack and increasing strain between him and the other SG1 team members, and about the fact that it seems nobody listens to him or appreciates him anymore and hasn't in a long time. He decides to resign from the SGC, effective immediately and types up his resignation letter. On his way to deliver it to Hammond, he literally bumps into Maybourne who was also carrying papers. While he and Maybourne are sorting out whose papers are whose, Maybourne picks up and reads Daniel's resignation letter. Maybourne then tells Daniel that if he resigns, he'd be killed because he is too much of a security risk to just let run loose, but there is an alternative: Daniel can come to work for Maybourne at Area 51, on the stuff the SGC sends there. Daniel believes Maybourne and doesn't want to work for Maybourne anymore than he wants to stay at the SGC, but he doesn't want to die, either. To stall for time, Daniel says he'll not resign right now and will think about Maybourne's offer. He doesn't resign, and destroys the resignation letter. He doesn't tell anyone about the encounter with Maybourne, or that he was even thinking about resigning.

    The next week SG1 has a mission to a deserted planet where circumstances provide Daniel with the perfect opportunity to fake his own death, and he does so. After SG1 leave the planet, Daniel goes through the wormhole. It works perfectly; all of SG1 believes he's dead, and so does everyone else at the SGC. Mayboune doesn't believe Daniel's dead. He goes to Jack with his belief that Daniel faked his death, but Jack doesn't believe him and neither does anybody else.

    After several months have passed, an SGC unit gates to a new, populated world where they find, to their utter shock, the believed-dead Daniel Jackson living among the natives as one of them. Would like to see a Jack and Daniel slant to this story, perhaps with them getting together for the first time at the end.

    If someone would adopt this plot bunny, I'd be grateful :)

  12. "Jealous Sam" from Liz

    This is not a fic for Sam fans.

    I recently had a dream. Daniel is in his Lab with Sam. Sam is angry with Daniel because of the night before. He confessed to her after having a few drinks that he was in love with Jack. The next day is in Daniel's lab with Sam berating Daniel for his homosexuality. Daniel is very upset. More like shock. He is speechless.

    Unbeknownst to them both, Jack has stopped outside Daniels door ready to enter. In this story Jack has feelings for Daniel too but didn't act on them because he didn't think Daniel felt the same way. He enters casually, breaking up the tirade. Sam pretends nothing was going on: her and Daniel were discussing the latest mission, yadda, yadda. She then proceeds to invite Jack to have lunch with her. He tells her that he will meet her but he has to talk to Daniel. She leaves, he closes the door. Daniel won't look at him and is close to tears. Daniel makes up some excuse that he's not feeling good and wants to go home and rest. Jack offers to drive him (I would like that).

  13. Stargate/Doctor Who x-over from Jane

    I have a plot bunny if anyone's interested....can be Gen or Slash.Whatever makes you happy.

    In the last Doctor Who TV movie- with the 8th Doctor-the Master appears as a snake-like creature that possesses the bodies of other people( sound familar?)

    This is what I'd like to read.The master somehow possesed a Goul'd.The Master had secret lab in the stargate universe and the Doctor and SG-1 meet up there.The rest is up to you.Surprise me!Please!!!

  14. The Artist - from Holly

    Jack's taking a drawing class (or some sort of an art class) at a local university in the evenings. One evening, the instructer brings out his 'model' for the night and Jack's shocked to see it's Daniel. In my mind, Daniel's nakidd. (evil evil mind).
    I think it can either be AU or not.

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