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~ + ~ Gen Plotbunnies For Adoption ~ + ~

19 Bunnies Available

  1. New Ground - Placed for adoption by Michelle.

    We got onscreen Danny torture getting repeatedly zapped with the electrified stick. Then they separated him from the others and zapped him some more onscreen. When they brought him back and put him back in his cage Sam asked him if he was okay and he wouldn't answer. He looked a little broken. So what happened while he was separated that we didn't see? And what were the consequenses of the torture for him when he got home? Would like to see it be a Daniel and Jack moment.

  2. The Devil You Know - also from Michelle

    I thought it was very interesting that when the team was given the blood of Sokar Charlie appeared to Jack, Jacob appeared to Sam, they used Jolinar against Martouf but for Daniel it wasn't Shau'ri. It was Jack. Jack hadn't believed Daniel about the events of Forever in a Day but in the "hallucination" or whatever it was it was Jack going to Daniel telling him he believed him and trying to get the location of the harcisis. And what exactly was going through Jack's head during the time Daniel was gone to be "questioned" especially after Martouf asked what Apophis would want from Daniel.

  3. Absolute Power - #1 from Michelle

    Daniel and Teal'c. Resolving the unresolved anger that probably Daniel didn't even realize he still harbored against the Jaffa.

  4. Absolute Power - #2 from Michelle

    The missing scene of finding Daniel unconscious or seeing him get that way through the security camera and Jack's thoughts during when Daniel was in the infirmary and wouldn't wake up. And then the tag scene with Daniel's explanation about the dream.

  5. BunnyBoy (appropriate, no?) - from Gem (and JayEm)

    Okay, I made this picture as a joke, but Jay decided she wanted a jammie fic for it...never mind my overabundance of plotbunnies already taking over. SOMEONE SAVE ME!! ;)

  6. Chinese Telephone (a humor plotbunny) - from Pettygrew

    What if SG1 visits a new planet and everything goes fine meeting with the inhabitants until Daniel says something innocently in passing and some of the inhabitants misunderstand his meaning. Word spreads among the inhabitants, infuriating them against SG1. When Jack confronts them as to where they heard this, the inhabitants point to Daniel. Daniel defends himself by claiming that's not what he said. Jack and the team now have to go and resolve the misunderstanding.

  7. The Bounty - from Pettygrew

    While investigating a Goa’uld temple, Daniel is captured by a sleazy trader who recognizes him as a member of SG-1. However, the trader thinks he has captured Colonel O’Neill. His reason for capturing Daniel is to trade him to Apophis, who has offered a bounty on the capture of any member of the team. Apophis is quite surprised to find out that the trader actually has Daniel and not Jack. Meanwhile, Daniel is suffering from amnesia due to a blow to the head from the trader. As Daniel tries to regain his memory, he experiences flashbacks of voices, faces, and snatches of previous missions.

  8. There But for the Grace of God, & POV - from Gretchen

    What if Jack (and the others if you want) end up going through the "Mirror". (How? 1) Either they find out it *wasn't* destroyed per Hammond's order and he touches it accidentally. Or 2) someone took it for their own reasons and they force him through.) On the other side he falls down the ramp, and hears a *very* cold and deadly voice growl "Move and die." at him. But when he looks up he sees Daniel.
    In this universe "Captain Daniel 'The Jinx' Jackson" joined the military at a very young age to escape his foster parents. Once enlisted, the PTB found his Language skills and ability to mix into any culture VERY useful and put him to work in Black-ops. He is cool, he is in charge, and he is extremely dangerous.
    This could be a fun way to explore the dark side of Daniel without making the real Danny dark. To get Jack's reaction to a "military" Daniel. It would also be interesting, if the rest of the team came along for the ride, to see how 'good' Daniel handles and talks to 'bad' Daniel. And it would answer the age old question: Just how fast could Danny-boy talk if he could talk to someone who thought as fast as he does? <-bg->

    Adopted by Apocrypha - Through A Glass Darkly

  9. Sam H/C bunny #1

    since d&c i'd imagine jack is going to avoid giving sam any preferential treatment so...what if she gets bit by a bug or does danny. well jack sends danny to the infirmary first cause, well doen't want to show sam favoritism. well as it turns out this bug bite reacts badly with sam's blood chemistry and...well in my version it eventually kills her...course i don't want her dead permnantly, i envision some nice angst scenes in the morgue or a trip to a sarc or something...anyway, tons o angst to go around. and best of all this can ship or no ship, depends on how you write it.

  10. Sam H/C bunny #2

    what if, again after d&c, there's someone at the sgc who just hates sam. She goes off for a little down time and this person sorta adopts her life, to the point of sending in a letter of resignation citing anise's little experiment as the reason for quitting. it's up to the guys to find her and save her from the big bad villian...I have this picutre of her locked away somewhere slowly dying and the guys gotta find her in time.

  11. Evil Teal'c

    right after exodus folks suggested what if t-man was really a baddie all along. that he's playing the sgc until he can undermine said for apophis(yeah it's a bit of a stretch but...what the heck)

  12. Two for One from Julip

    This is what I would like to read: Daniel must find himself alone in a room with 2 desperate Goa'uld (one is a Tok'ra). They both need a host in the next hour or they will die. There's a fierce battle but Daniel loses, he becomes a host to them both. At that point he is found by the rest of the team and brought back at the SGC. The Goa'uld and the Tok'ra continue their battle for their host, which one will win....Will Daniel survive???? It's up to you ;) I'd like a lot of involvement from the Tok'ra (Selmak...) and of course a lot of Danny Whumping.

  13. Picture This from Gem

    Write a story based on this picture. Picture is of an adult nature, use discretion when viewing.

  14. "Klaatu borada nikto." from Pettygrew

    This plot bunny relates to "Point of No Return" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

    In the warehouse, Dr. Tanner has given Sam and Daniel a drug that makes them susceptible to the power of suggestion. He uses it to have Sam and Daniel forget seeing the "beam out." In the event that he would ever need to call on them again, Tanner has also left them with a post hypnotic phrase. Now that Tanner has left Earth, he has contacted Martin to contact Jack requesting that the post hypnotic suggestion be cancelled. Based on an old movie he saw and thinking it would be a phrase not repeated easily, Tanner has given them the phrase "Klaatu borada nikto" as the triggering device. Of course, Jack sees this as a way of having fun. He invites Sam and Daniel to watch "The Day the Earth Stood Still." From this point on, anyone who adopts this bunny can either have 1) Sam hiccuping at the end of each of her sentences and Daniel clucking like a chicken whenever he speaks, or 2) make up your own embarrassing situation.

  15. Alternate Meridian from blindwolf

    I have a plot bunny if anyone's interested....can be Gen or Slash, but prefer slash slant with no relationship in the beginning.

    Daniel has been upset about his seemingly-failed friendship with Jack and increasing strain between him and the other SG1 team members, and about the fact that it seems nobody listens to him or appreciates him anymore and hasn't in a long time. He decides to resign from the SGC, effective immediately and types up his resignation letter. On his way to deliver it to Hammond, he literally bumps into Maybourne who was also carrying papers. While he and Maybourne are sorting out whose papers are whose, Maybourne picks up and reads Daniel's resignation letter. Maybourne then tells Daniel that if he resigns, he'd be killed because he is too much of a security risk to just let run loose, but there is an alternative: Daniel can come to work for Maybourne at Area 51, on the stuff the SGC sends there. Daniel believes Maybourne and doesn't want to work for Maybourne anymore than he wants to stay at the SGC, but he doesn't want to die, either. To stall for time, Daniel says he'll not resign right now and will think about Maybourne's offer. He doesn't resign, and destroys the resignation letter. He doesn't tell anyone about the encounter with Maybourne, or that he was even thinking about resigning.

    The next week SG1 has a mission to a deserted planet where circumstances provide Daniel with the perfect opportunity to fake his own death, and he does so. After SG1 leave the planet, Daniel goes through the wormhole. It works perfectly; all of SG1 believes he's dead, and so does everyone else at the SGC. Mayboune doesn't believe Daniel's dead. He goes to Jack with his belief that Daniel faked his death, but Jack doesn't believe him and neither does anybody else.

    After several months have passed, an SGC unit gates to a new, populated world where they find, to their utter shock, the believed-dead Daniel Jackson living among the natives as one of them. Would like to see a Jack and Daniel slant to this story, perhaps with them getting together for the first time at the end.

    If someone would adopt this plot bunny, I'd be grateful :)

  16. Girls Kicking Butt! from Diane

    Carter leads an all female team through the stargate. They don't return on time. A rescue is NOT possible. So who's the first one in the Brig /Imfirmary. What do 4 girls locked in a cell talk about. Have fun and let's see some girl ass kicking.

  17. Ascended Daniel to the Rescue, from Diane

    Set in Season 6 Sg1 is captured by a Goul'd, you choose. He gives Carter to his Jaffas "for their pleasure" ie gang rape! Asended Daniel takes Sam's mind/soul away while "it" happens to her. You create the "world" He also helps out in the rescue, an appearence to Hammond and Jacob, and comforts Jack.

  18. Stargate/Doctor Who x-over from Jane

    I have a plot bunny if anyone's interested....can be Gen or Slash.Whatever makes you happy.

    In the last Doctor Who TV movie- with the 8th Doctor-the Master appears as a snake-like creature that possesses the bodies of other people( sound familar?)

    This is what I'd like to read.The master somehow possesed a Goul'd.The Master had secret lab in the stargate universe and the Doctor and SG-1 meet up there.The rest is up to you.Surprise me!Please!!!

  19. Goa'ulded Kawalsky, from Anya

    What would happen if at the end of The Enemy Within the Goa'uld-ed Kawalsky escaped through the gate? What differences would it make to the rest of the season, he knows all about Earth, the iris etc. When would SG-1 run in to him again? What would happen?

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